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Use this form to sign up for classes and/or sessions. Please include all of the requested information, and you will be contacted via e-mail confirming your class selection or offering an alternative.

Payment is due at the first class or the beginning of each session. Send a deposit equal to 50% of your fee (or fees for more than one class or session) to reserve your slot.

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Two-Day Classes [$150 per each two day Session]
Beginning Fly Tying: TBA based on interest (All Day Saturday & Sunday)
Eight & Six-Week Classes [$150 for each series of classes]
Beginning Fly Tying: Tuesdays, Begins January 10, 2012; 7:00-9:30 p.m., 8 Weeks.
Intermediate Fly Tying: Wednesdays, Begins January 11, 2012; 7:00-9:30 p.m., 6 Weeks.
Session Selection(s)
[Each One-Day Class: $30 DVFF Members/$90 Non Members]

Parachute Flies: Sat October 1, 2011 (8:30-4:30)
West Coast Classic Steelhead Flies: Sat October 29, 2011 (8:30-4:30)
Midges and Tying Tiny: Sat November 5, 2011 (8:30-4:30)
Striped Bass Flies: Sat November 19, 2011  (8:30-4:30)
Black Bass Flies: Sat  January 14, 2012 (8:30-4:30)
Flies for Lakes and Ponds: Sat February 4, 2012 (8:30-4:30)
Classic Married Wing Salmon Flies: Sat February 18, 2012 (8:30-4:30)
Flies for the Yuba River:  Sat March 10, 2012 (8:30-4:30)
Flies for Putah Creek: Sat September 15, 2012 (8:30-4:30)



If you have difficultly with this form, feel free to send me an email at DavidPMcCants@att.net
or call me at (925) 673-5448.

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