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DaveTyer.com is a site dedicated to fly tying instruction and the sharing of ideas. The sharing of ideas in fly tying began with me some 25 years ago and culminated with the set up of this Web site. I hope that my forty-plus years of fly tying experience, a multitude of fly tying friends and the fun photo galleries will pique your interest and give you new ideas.

I have been tying for over 44 years and tie everything from size 28 zebra midges to size 8/0 Atlantic Salmon flies. I enjoy giving back to the fly fishing community and teaching both novice and experienced tyers in developing their skills is my way of giving back to that community.

I am also a designer of flies as shown in three of my original patterns: Streamer for Trout/Bass/Steelhead – Big Ugly (Western Outdoors Dec 2002) Salmon Fly for Steelhead/Salmon – Lavender Princess ( Winter 2001 FF&FT) Salmon Fly for Show – Alex Dreyfoos Special.

I am a member of Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen, Federation of Fly Fishers, and established a local fly tying club "Creative Comfort Flytyers" in Pleasant Hill, Calif. I have been a Whiting Farms Pro Team Tyer for over 10 years and I enjoy working with Tom and all the folks at Whiting Farms.

Most interesting catch - a 30 pound Albacore Tuna in the Farallon Islands off San Francisco on a 1960 Fenwick 9-weight rod with no fighting butt…was the thrill of a lifetime (with my own Flash Herring, no less) and I had the stomach bruises to prove it!

Locally, I enjoy fishing Putah Creek (trout), Walnut Creek (various species), and the American River (Steelhead).

I really enjoy tying Steelhead and Atlantic salmon flies due to the creativity one can attain with color and feather flow and design. I believe that fly tying is an art form and as such should not be “rushed through” but enjoyed and well thought out.

If I can help you in developing your fly tying skills, please give me a call or schedule some time for my classes as you will learn a lot that will indeed help you in your tying and fishing endeavors.

The flies shown on this site are tied by me - David (Dave) P. McCants - except for those that are specifically identified by a Fly Tyer's name. Flies identified by another Fly Tyer’s name are their specific patterns and they retain all rights to those patterns.

As additional services I also provide fly tying instruction through my home office (the tying den, for up to seven students at a time) or at offsite locations.


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