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Welcome to DaveTyer.com — the online home for fly tiers and those who want to learn the science and art of fly tying.

I’ve been an avid fly fisherman for 45 years and have tied flies, both personally and commercially, for 44 years. I’ve also taught fly tying for over 18 years. While I tie flies designed to be used streamside, I also produce presentation flies that catch people instead of fish. Just as big steelhead flies can be elegant and graceful; I’m just as happy teaching about and tying size 26 Yong Specials or big flies for saltwater.  You can view flies I have tied in my photo gallery.

Fly tying is supposed to be fun and relaxing. It’s not always easy, but a fish on the end of the line or the satisfaction of a well tied fly for the desk or wall often is an end result that's makes tying one's own flies that much more enjoyable.

The fly tiers who have the most fun strive for perfection, but recognize that with this art form not every fly will be perfect. The classes I teach reinforce this approach…just as every fly may have a flaw, every fly will have aspects that are perfectly executed to your expectations.

You can learn from books, but having the assistance of a professional tyer, who can teach you some of the simple techniques and tricks, will greatly improve your enjoyment of fly tying. Additionally, catching that first fish, with a fly tied with your style and flair is exhilarating, making you a more successful fly fisher.

So — with the proper perspective and materials — anyone can learn to tie flies for their personal enjoyment on the river as well as creating something that’s simply beautiful and tweaked to their own satisfaction.

Again, welcome to DaveTyer.com. Feel free to let us know what you think and throw ideas out to others. Poke around a bit and maybe sign up for a class or one-day session. And feel free to contact me about arranging special classes or demonstrations for your special events.

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